Start Price: 95€
Final Price: 40€
Hours: 45 mins
Special Prices:60 €

DURATION         :60΄    45΄  30΄  20΄
FIRST PRICE      :120€  90€  65€  50€
SPECIAL OFFER :50€    40€  30€  20€
PERIODS            :1/4  -  31/5

Reflexology is an holistic therapeutic method reliant on special pressures and massage of the foot, the leg bridge and the palm of the hand.

There are 7.200 neuron terminations on the foot and the palm and these special pressures cause a "reflective" impulse to each part and organ of the body, resulting in the stimulation of the neural and defense system of the body in order to bring about body, soul and spirit balance.

Reflexology can help in various health problems and is a good prevention method. It is completely harmless. It does not interfere with medicine. Prescriptions are not given but they are not disregarded either.


Reflexology`s aim is


to help the function of the body
to improve the circulation
to improve the nervous system
to boost the immune system
to alleriate headaches and migraines
to balance the hormones
to help the excretory organs to discard toxins from the body
to reduce stress
to relax
to provide clarity of thought as it improves the ability to focus and pay attention